Secret listening program in Iraq

BEIRUT — Wow, talk about intriguing. At the very end of the _New York Times_ story on the looting of Saddam’s bunkers under the noses of the Americans, James Glanz drops this little bombshell:

But the palace still retains its aura of mystery. Tucked away on the undamaged side is a largely secret communications project that Lucent is carrying out for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said Frank Gay, a Lucent program director. A Lucent employee who refused to give even his first name let a reporter and photographer peek into the room where people worked quietly at laptops. “There’s nothing to see,” the employee said, hustling his guests on.

WTF? “Largely secret”? “Iraqi Interior Ministry”? My ears are all a-pricked. Actually, we (meaning journalists) always assumed our calls and emails were monitored by the U.S. military and others. Interesting to see it confirmed. Get cracking on this one, James!