Karl Zinsmeister: Contemptible

BEIRUT — *Sigh* Another attack on the war corps by a guy who’s now the senior domestic policy advisor for President Bush. He’s also the guy who wrote this gem:

In another article, this one at the American Enterprise Institute’s Web site on June 20, 2005, Zinsmeister, after another period as an embed, wrote, “What the establishment media covering Iraq have utterly failed to make clear today is this central reality: With the exception of periodic flare-ups in isolated corners, our struggle in Iraq as warfare is over….Contrary to the impression given by most newspaper headlines, the United States has won the day in Iraq…. the battle of Iraq is no longer one of war fighting—but of policing and politics.”
The article is titled, “The War Is Over, and We Won.”

Yeah, ’cause policing and politics have proven to be so easy. But I just don’t have it in me today to take issues with this guy. Maybe I’m just “whiny”:http://web.mac.com/callbritton/iWeb/B2I%20Extras/Clips_files/A_Badr_Peace-1.pdf and “appallingly”:http://web.mac.com/callbritton/iWeb/B2I%20Extras/Clips_files/Hostile_Territory.pdf “soft”:http://web.mac.com/callbritton/iWeb/B2I%20Extras/Clips_files/Among_the_Believers.pdf.