Coming Attractions: Gulf War II


For a sobering look at modern war, check out this video of an AC-130 hunting down targets in Afghanistan. (Thanks to IFILM for picking up the slack on this.) The most chilling is the tracking and leading of individuals as they run for their lives, who appear as bright spots in the infrared imaging. The audio commentary is interesting, too, with comments from pilots and commanders. There are orders to avoid a mosque but “level” a building nearby. I’m assuming similar scenes will be played out in several months in Iraq.

2 Comments on “Coming Attractions: Gulf War II”

  1. War – huh – what is it good for

    So it seems that tomorrow is the night the war begins (full moon rising, one day after the “ultimatum”). I didn’t grow up when the saying was “Make love, not war”. When I was a young adult, we watched war on CNN and heard that making love was dangerous…

  2. Procrastination from studying

    Google H4×0r is a cool little easter egg [via /.]. Actually, you can choose lots of funky interface languages on the preferences page. And oh yeah, we’re fucked. Check out Back to Iraq 2.0, the weblog of a journalist…