I promised a big announcement a couple of days ago and here it is. Starting immediately, readers of Back to Iraq, Warblogging, Daily Kos, The Agonist and Stand Down will no longer be forced to skip from site to site for news on the war on Iraq, terrorism and civil liberties. I’m pleased to announce the creation and launch of Warblogs.CC, a concept from myself, George at Warblogging and Sean-Paul at Agonist.
Warblogs,cc, consolidates the latest headlines from member sites and others to follow into a single convenient package that’s perfect for setting as your homepage. The page is updated with new blog posts in real time (you just have to reload the page to get the latest news from all these blogs) and every few minutes with headlines from the syndicated news sources. I like to think of it as a “coalition of the unwilling” — unwilling to go to war with Iraq unnecessarily, unwilling to stand for further assaults on civil liberties and unwilling to stand by while the war on terror goes unprosecuted.
Warblogs.CC does not take the place of our individual sites, as you will see when you visit. It simply gathers the content you’ve come to enjoy into a single page, along with headlines from the AP, the New York Times, the Middle East Newsline and the BBC. Warblogging’s popular Index of Evil is also available. Other blogs will be added as well.
Please check it out. I’m very proud of it, and I think readers will find it a valuable service. I hope you will agree.

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