U.S. lobbyist helped draft Eastern Europe’s Iraq statement

This is from Agence France Press by way of CommonDreams.org, and it’s good.
Bruce Jackson, a U.S. lobbyist and former DoD employee helped draft the Vilnius 10’s statement of support for President Bush on Iraq.
Jackson, of course, said his role “vastly exaggerated.” However, the International Herald Tribune quoted Kestutis Jankauskas, deputy chief of mission at the Lithunian embassy in Washington, as saying Jackson had a “considerable role” and helped “initiate the text.”
Kind of makes you wonder if French president Jacques Chirac had some basis for his pique, especially if he thought the Americans were meddling in EU business…

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  1. Coalition of the Shilling

    Now that we all agree, this fine fellow will tell you what you think. A former Pentagon official helped draft a controversial statement by 10 Central and Eastern European nations this month that supports the United States in its stand-off