Beware the ides of March

OK. Looks like the March 1 war timetable fer shootin’ is slipping thanks to those pesky French and Turkish demands to see some ID with President Bush’s check(s). It’s now looking more and more like March 15 or so, as George over at Warblogging argued.
National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice apparently agrees, saying that Bush is “willing to wait until Hans Blix, one of two United Nations chief weapons inspectors, reports on Iraqi compliance on March 7.” A vote would come the next week, and then Bush can have his war, or, as the Times put it, “other officials strongly hinted that military action could come immediately thereafter.”
I still think I would have been right, calling March 1 as the start of hostilities. I just didn’t expect the Turks to hold out like they did.

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