Back in USA

NEW YORK — Greetings all. I’ve returned to New York safely after a jolting car ride across Iraq and Jordan and an uneventful — if long — plane ride from Amman to NYC. This is just a short note, as people had asked to be notified. I will post a longer epilogue in the very near future as well as a previously unpublished feature.
Thanks again to everyone who read. I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Back From Iraq

    Christopher Allbritton has posted an Epilogue on his famous weblog. Head over to his site and read what he has to say (and don’t waste your time here on my boring kaffeesud weblog ;-) ) I can’t say how much…

  2. Kurdistan Redux

    I’ve hit the big time! My article on token sucking was linked on MetaFilter. The result was a doubling of my normal traffic. Thanks to Artifice Eternity for thinking my post worthy of linking. And his website is very nice…